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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

How to complain

Click here to read my magical fairy story and click here for letters to MPs, Ministers and the Advertising Standard Agency and links to various reports

Dear Concerned Friends,

For anyone buying a newspaper today (21st Feb) you will have seen two adverts from the low cost airlines, Ryan Air and Easy Jet. Ryan Air’s advert is a crude and crass campaign aimed at protesting against the governments proposed increase in APD. Its target is clearly the lowest unthinking levels of society, which is reflected in the distrortions of the truth that it makes use of.

Almost as bad was Easy Jet’s advert in the Times and other papers aimed at convincing us that travel by Easy Jet is environmentally friendly because they pack more people in a plane than any one else. Also see their web site:

To try and claim flying Easy Jet is environmentally acceptable is like saying that it is safe to smoke low tar cigarettes.

I have written the Advertising Standards Authority to complain about both of these adverts. As with writing to MPs, the more people that support this; the more effective us concerned people will be in combating the lies and mistruths that these companies are peddling. Click on the link above to access the complaints section and see the link below for copies of the letters that I have sent.

It is important to muster as much support on this as possible. When the IPCC report was released the Independent devoted 5 pages of of the paper to it, but in the same edition over 10 pages were devoted to airline adverts and the travel write ups to encourage us to travel ever more. And the Indpendent has been the most vociferous of all newspapers on global warming!!

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