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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Staverton Airport finally comes clean

Staverton airports managing director has finally come clean and admitted that the "safety improvement" that they are trying to instigate is actually about introducing new services.

As with most pleasurable things that you do at someone else's expense, you can always justify it to yourself. Mark Ryan's explanation of his proposed expansion is no different.

Amongst other things, Mark Ryan argues that because Staverton airport is small it has no effect on global warming. In my letter to him, I have explained that this is like using the argument that it is okay to rob the corner shop because it is small in relation to the great train robbery.

Strangely in their web site, they say that they are concerned about global warming and that action is needed at local, national and international levels. On this, I agree. And a good local action is to oppose the expansion of this airport. It is easier by far to stop a bad thing from starting, than to stop a bad thing from continuing.
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