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Saturday, July 14, 2007

E-mail to Ultimate High complaining about Noise Nusance

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Dear Sirs,

I am a resident of Nailsworth who used to enjoy sitting in my garden and listening to the birds or generally relaxing with friends over a quiet drink.

Unfortunately, this simple pleasure is now firmly consigned to the past. I am now subjected to the intolerable drone of your aircraft engaged in mock dogfights that go on for extended periods of time over my house. The perpetual noise of your planes now forces me indoors for peace and quiet. This is not what I expect when living in an area such as this. I receive no benefit from your business and thus feel severely aggrieved at being inconvenienced by it.

I notice from the client testimonials on your web site that you service the egos of large city institutions. Maybe I am being a bit of a killjoy here, but I see no reason why the peace and quiet of the Cotswold countryside should be destroyed by highly paid city executives from companies such as Shoosmiths Solicitors or Holmans Lloyds Insurance Brokers who clearly have little empathy for the environement that they are destroying. I will be writing to each of your clients to complain about the distrubance that they are causing to our environement.

Further to this, in a time of increaing concern over global warming and when we are all being urged to cut back on our CO2 emissions, it seems that what you are offering is a frivalous activity that should be consigned to the past and which can only result in your clients emitting a disproportionate contribution of emissions.

Yours truly
Kevin Lister

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