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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Letter to the Planning Office regarding Kemble airfield developments

Dear Richard,

I understand that you are currently the planning officer responsible for reviewing the planning appeal for Kemble aerodrome.

I would like add my input to any debate that you are having on this.

I currently live in Nailsworth which is approximately 10 miles from the airport. Though I am not in the immediate vicinity of the airport I am severely affected by the noise and I know of many others in my area who are likewise affected.

We have seen an exponential increase in noise nuisance over the last 18 months due to general aviation. Both myself and my wife regularly work from home. The noise irritation that we experience as planes circle overhead is best likened to the noise of a large blue bottle buzzing in the same room as you. It is often virtually impossible to concentrate on work, both inside and outside the house.

One of the worst culprits is the Ultimate High Company, which specialises in providing ego trip experiences such as airplane dog fighting for highly paid city executives, who clearly have no regard for the environment that they are damaging.

In desperation, I wrote to Ultimate High approximately two months ago and the companies on their client testimonial to complain about the noise. To date, I have had no response from any of them.

I have also complained to my MP (David Drew) about the increasing noise inconvenience. Mr. Drew has also written to the airport, as far as I am aware he is also still to receive a reply.

Despite these correspondences the noise continues to be a problem, and just this last weekend we had a prolonged dog fight taking place immediately above our house. As well as the noise nuisance, I believe it is irresponsible from a safety perspective to be dog fighting over residential areas and I am becoming increasingly concerned for the safety of my children.

I have also been made aware that if Staverton Airport at Gloucester is not given the go ahead to extend its runway, then the business jets that were proposing to base themselves there would now relocate to Kemble. In a period of intense concern about global warming this is absolutely unacceptable, especially when we are being urged to make cuts in our own CO2 emissions. It is also worth noting that the European air traffic data shows recreational destinations such as Nice, Cannes and Mallorca to be among the top destinations for "business aviation.”

The aviation industry has a consistent track record of distorting facts regarding their impact on the environment and has done everything possible to circumvent environmental and planning controls. Kemble aerodrome is following in this same pattern. They have been allowed a change of use of the airfield without any of the normal environmental impact assessments and should now be stopped before their business and operations become too entrenched to be curtailed in any way.

I trust that you will oppose planning consent for the aerodrome before it becomes an environmental disaster on our door step.

I am copying this email to both my MP (David Drew), and Geoffrey Clifton Brown, who is the MP for the Cotswolds whose constituency the aerodrome lies.

Yours sincerely,
Kevin Lister
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