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Sunday, October 14, 2007

2nd letter to Prince Charles

Dear Prince Charles,

Please pass on my thanks to your staff for replying to our invite to our mini climate camp at Staverton Airport.

We are extremely disappointed that you will not be able to come to the camp, but understand that you may have other more pressing and important issues.

Whilst we understand that you are not able to come to the camp, we thought it would send a powerful message to the airport and its backers for you to at least express concern about the environmental implications of their proposals. You have after all been an excellent advocate of global warming, however the problem that we now have is that we have to make hard choices and we have to make them fast. Making hard choices is by definition hard. It is also harder than just making speeches about global warming and raising awareness, but being able to make hard choices in hard times is what sets out the leaders of our society.

My children have been inspired by your speeches on the environment. So much so, that my son will not fly, he cycles everywhere and has spent much of this summer growing his own vegetables. It was therefore with regret that I read that Prince William and Kate had flown to Seychelles for a holiday, Prince Harry has flown to the South France to watch Rugby (again), and it seems everyone has flown to Balmoral for a shooting holiday. Unfortunately, this is just a bit hypocritical, and quite frankly insults those of us who have listened to your speeches with concern and are doing our best to reduce our emissions.

Whilst we understand that you “made absolutely no comment on the future of Staverton Airport,” you have been drawn into the debate by the airport’s management and its supporters. I would suggest that duty calls for you to be unequivocal in your opposition to their proposals given the concerns that you have raised about global warming.

A copy of this letter will be published on my blog,

Kevin Lister
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