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Saturday, November 17, 2007

How much more evidence to we need? See todays IPCC report

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For those people who still believe that we should allow Staverton Airport to expand and still do not believe in global warming, I refer them to quotes from the IPCC update report that was issued today, (17th November) which is the peer reviewed analysis of 2,500 of the world's top climate scientists:

“Eleven of the last twelve years (1995-2006) rank among the twelve warmest years in the instrumental record of global surface temperature (since 1850).”

“Atmospheric concentrations of CO2 (379ppm) and methane (1774 ppb) in 2005 exceed by far the natural range over the last 650,000 years.”

“Of the more than 29,000 observational data series, from 75 studies, that show significant change in many physical and biological systems, more than 89% are consistent with the direction of change expected as a response to warming.”

“Carbon dioxide (CO2) is the most important anthropogenic green house gas. Its annual emissions grew by about 80% between 1970 and 2004.”

“Continued green house gas emissions at or above current rates would cause further warming and induce many changes in the global climate system during the 21st century that would very likely be larger than those observed during the 20th century," (potentially up to an unimaginable 6 deg C increase)”

“Anthropogenic warming and sea level rise would continue for centuries due to the timescales associated with climate processes and feedbacks, even if green house gas concentrations were to be stabilised.”

“Model projections suggest significant extinctions (40-70% of species assessed) around the globe.”

“Early mitigation actions would avoid further locking in carbon intensive infrastructure and reduce climate change and associated adaptation needs.”

How much more evidence is needed to convince people that we cannot expand Staverton or any other airport? In fact, we simply cannot allow flying and many other activities we take for granted today if we want the planet to have any future.
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