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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Prince Charles being used again to support climate damage - he's lucky I point these things out to him

Dear Prince Charles,

Please pass on my thanks to your staff for replying to my last letter.

Following our previous correspondence when your staff said that you would not make comment on a planning application, I thought that it would be appropriate to advise you that Kemble airfield are using a photo of yourself and you wife for advertising on their web site (

As you are probably aware, (based on having a residence in Tetbury), Kemble Airfield is currently the subject of a planning inquiry and is at present effectively operating illegally as it has not complied with necessary planning legislation. Cotswold District Council will be submitting an additional enforcement notice.

On Cotswold District Council’s web site they say, “The Council maintains its robust position that there is a case to answer in respect on uncontrolled general flying.”

The airport is currently a huge source of noise which blights many areas in the Cotswolds and the problem is increasing in intensity year on year. I am sure that that as a local resident of this area, you will appreciate the importance of preserving the quality of our environement which is now threatened in so many ways.

Ronan Harvey, the airport owner, said in the Cirencester Standard, “that a lot of future developments at the site were on hold pending the outcome of the inquiry.” Clearly, with statements such as this, he has aspirations to increase operations further with corresponding increases in noise and pollution. It highlights the importance of not supporting his aspirations, such as the introduction of private jets that are the most carbon intensive form of travel yet developed.

Given your well-known concerns on the environment and global warming, I can only imagine that you must be appalled that a company, which is operating illegally and in an environmentally irresponsible fashion, is using your photograph for their publicity.

Also, following my last request, I would appreciate a break down of the carbon budget in your annual report.

As usual, a copy of this will be posted on my blog.


Kevin Lister
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