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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Tesco timescale for biofuel analysis??

Dear Gary,

Thank you for you reply. I am delighted that you find my feedback incredibly valuable and that my comments have been noted.

However, as you are probably aware by now, you have given me reason to be sceptical on many of your positions. You have said that you are going to commission Manchester University to look at biofuels and that you will make the findings of this publicly available.

Unfortunately you have given no timescale for this study and we would request that you also provide a copy of the remit for this study. It is clearly concerning that your organisation is paying £25million towards this group as this will compromise its independence.

As you are probably aware, many people have been following our debate on my blog. I have been contacted by several people to confirm exactly what your position is in Tesco's hierarchy and to confirm that your change of position does have the endorsement of your executive board.

Kevin Lister

Tesco Customer Service wrote:

Dear Mr Lister

Thank you for your further comments regarding the use of biofuels.

We fully appreciate feedback from our customers on any issue and find this feedback incredibly valuable. Please rest assured that your comments and thoughts have been noted, and that we are working hard to ensure that the right decisions are made for both the environment and our customers.

Thank you for your continuing interest in this matter.
Kind Regards
Gary Anderson
Customer Service Executive

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