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Thursday, August 06, 2009

BAA Job Application - Environmental Assessment Manager

I am applying for your position, Environmental Assessment Manager, (part of the Runway 3 programme of works).

I am extremely keen on both aviation and business, and have spent considerable time over the last 5 years in intense negotiations with the management of various airports, local councils, MPs, airport supporters and the police on the environmental impacts of airport developments. This has included debates on noise, local air pollution, and climate change impact.

Your advert requests that, “An appreciation of the environmental and sustainable development issues affecting airports would be an advantage.” I am a member of mathematical groups such as “Daisy world and beyond” and have lectured extensively on the impact of climate chance and potential solutions to the problem. In addition I am fully conversant with latest the IPCC reports and other climate change reports. These demonstrate the need to cut CO2 between 80% (based on the IPCC reports) or 120% (based on the Hansen’s papers).

As such I, have a full appreciation of the environmental issues affecting airports. I fully appreciate that runaway climate change has now started. I fully appreciate the significance of the massive methane releases that have started in the high Arctic regions. I fully appreciate that the increasing levels of CO2 in the atmosphere are causing the acidification of our oceans, for which we have no solution. I fully appreciate that not only is the CO2 level currently at a critical level, but that the rate of increase of CO2 is increasing, thus not only are things bad, they are getting worse more quickly. I fully appreciate the bio-fuel solution the aviation industry is pushing for environmentally friendly international travel will result in the destruction of our rainforests and the loss of our food supply. I also appreciate that biofuels will lead to the introduction of catastrophic GM crops into our biosphere despite the mounting evidence of their catastrophic impacts. I fully appreciate that there is no way an airport can contribute to reducing its CO2 impact when it expands, and that contraction must be the only way forward.

I fully appreciate that BAA must expand to ensure that its shareholders receive a compounded rate of return on their investments, and that they will dump stock if this cannot be guaranteed, leading the bankruptcy of the company. I fully appreciate that that this can only be done if BAA lie about the environmental impact that they cause. I fully appreciate that this lying must be done at all levels, thus governmental reports must be corrupted, local environmental impacts must be fudged, climate change impacts must be lied about, and local residents must be fobbed of or bullied out of the way.

As such I have the necessary experience to take your position of Environmental Assessment Manager.
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