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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

2nd Email to Neil Carmichael MP - still no response to my first email.

Dear Neil,

As a keen environmentalist, I am sure that you will be appalled by your party’s position to support the wishes of the oil industry to start drilling in the deep waters of the West Coast of Scotland.

The consequences of a disaster are only too apparent after the problems of the Gulf of Mexico disaster and a country of our size would be unable to mount an appropriate clean up operation. 

In addition to the increased risk exposure from a spillage, there is the certainty of this development massively increasing our CO2 emissions. I would trust that you are already familiar with NASA’s conclusion that the safe limit for atmospheric CO2 is 350 ppm, yet we are at 390 ppm and the rate of increase is increasing. Furthermore, when additional green house gases are taken into consideration, the current level is 450 ppm (equivalent).

I also trust that you are familiar with the IPCC report that concluded even with a zero carbon economy we at severe risk of breaching the 2 deg C threshold that is the target set by the EU for a safe temperature rise.

These are extreme circumstances and they pave the way for a difficult and dangerous future.

Your party made much play about its environmental commitments and concerns about climate change during the election. I am sure that you must agree with me and many other concerned people that supporting deep sea drilling to the West of Scotland is totally contradictory to any statements that your party made on climate change.

I would like you to confirm your position on deep sea drilling and give me your confirmation that you will vote against it in any parliamentary debates.

I look forward to your reply and your reply to my previous email.

A copy of this email will be posted on my blog,

Kevin Lister
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