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Monday, April 25, 2011

Email to MP regarding Birmingham Airport Environmental Fraud

Dear Neil,

Many thanks for taking the time to read my previous correspondence (I am assuming that you have read them because you do say so often how effective as an MP you are), and I certainly would not take your repeated failure to reply to anything I send you as evidence that you deliberately ignore my emails.

I am writing this time to complain about the massive expansion in capacity that Birmingham Airport has announced that it is going to go ahead with. They are cynically exploiting the cancellation of new runways at Heathrow and Stanstead. As you are aware,  these were cancelled because of the overwhelming evidence of the adverse climate change impact they would cause. It is therefore reprehensible that Birmingham Airport should post on its web site that they will Demonstrate a corporate commitment to reducing CO2.  

As a member of the government that claims it will be greenest ever, I am sure that you must as appalled by this and that you also recognize that this is fraud. It is inconceivable that the airport would be given the go ahead if it was truthful about it climate change impact. 

I therefore expect that you will be delighted to support us by joining the mass movement to get the Serious Fraud Office to instigate criminal prosecutions against the directors of the Airport for fraud, and that you will make a representation of your own.

You will also be appalled to learn that this extension is supported with millions of pounds of public funds, especially when you have been so outspoken about the need to spend public funds wisely and why we all need to accept cuts in public services. The recent report from the IEA  that world oil production will fall from 68 million barrels per day to as little as 16 million barrels per day in 2035, makes any airport expansion non viable and the diversion of public funds based on deliberately false assumptions even more criminal.

I look forward to your positive engagement on this important matter and being able to post your supportive emails on-line. 

Kevin Lister
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