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Friday, May 20, 2011

Letter to the Serious Fraud Office

Dear Sirs,

We are growing increasingly frustrated with your inability to uphold the law by refusing to instigate an investigation into Birmingham Airport.

To put the matter in context – I have been on bail for 9 months for fraud. My alleged crime was to host a spoof web site purporting that last year's Fairford Air Tattoo would be the last due to growing evidence on climate change. The fact that all references to climate change in it were correct did not stop an early morning raid on my house by the police force along with a search and seizure of my computers.

In glaring contrast, Birmingham Airport is deliberately and fraudulently misrepresenting its position on climate change, and no action is being taken. It is hard to imagine a worse fraud than this.

Your inaction is demonstrating a deeply disturbing development, where the law enforcement agencies of this country are legitimising the right to pollute and destroy over the rights of citizens and the victims of climate change.

Time is running out as the climate change clock ticks faster and more loudly by the day. Large organisations such as Birmingham Airport that deliberately ignore the evidence are directly placing our lives and environment in danger, and are being given state support to do so.

We therefore remind you that under the Freedom of Information Act, you have until close of business today to provide the legal justification as to why you are deciding to allow this fraud to go uncontested.

If we receive no response, we will refer the matter to the Information Commissioner and instruct lawyers to determine our rights as oppressed people to self defence under international law.

Your sincerely,

Kevin Lister

See facebook group: Get Birmingham Airport Prosecuted for Environmental Fraud
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