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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Gatwick's Chief Executive offers to fall on his sword

Dear Steve,

I note your brave and selfless decision to resign if Gatwick is unsuccessful in getting the second runway in London. It is so good to see leading British business men imbued with the tradition of the Japanese Samurai who preferred to fall on their swords rather than admit defeat. It was of course a pity that such testosterone charged courage would also lead them to attacking Pearl Harbor and the subsequent atomic bombing of their cities, but I am sure historical analogies like this will not interest you.

It is a pity that you cannot find the same courage to speak out against the unsustainable expansion of aviation in the face of runaway climate change.

The good thing, (if it is a good thing) is that the worst case scenarios are all happening far quicker than we expected. The Arctic Sea Ice is collapsing, methane releases have started, economies are collapsing, food shortages are starting, Australia is on fire again and I could go on and on - but as you clearly can't be bothered understanding what is going on there is no point in me going on at you.  So by the time your second runway is built, assuming that you have not already impaled yourself on your sword, no one will be flying anywhere. That is apart from the American Military who may be interested in using it to support the climate change wars they are already war gaming for.

Kevin Lister
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