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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Letter to Geoffrey Clifton-Brown (MP for Cotswolds) on Fairford Airshow and Climatic impact

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Dear Geoffey,

I would like to express my delight that your party is taking global warming seriously and considering its position on contentious issues such as airport expansion.

The extreme weather over the past couple of days in this country and elsewhere such as Pakistan, India, South East Asia and the Americas serves to indicate how seriously global warming is adversely affecting weather patterns. At present, countries around the world are being either flooded or baked. Very few countries are able to enjoy the predictability of their climates only 10 years ago. Already serious warning bells are being sounded as climate change has contributed to the world food reserves falling to their lowest ever level.

Given the evidence before our eyes and predictions of the IPCC report which indicate that we need to make 90% cuts in our CO2 emissions to avoid serious climate change, we must urgently move beyond discussions and take action. This means making fundamental changes to our lives and expectations.

As you are no doubt aware, the Fairford Air Tattoo is coming up within the next couple of weeks. In the current circumstances this frivolous event is an anachronistic throw back to the past when people were not aware of the imminent danger to the environment. The Fairford Air Tattoo will result in many thousands of tonnes of CO2 emissions from the planes, plus a significant contribution from all the unnecessary road traffic that an event of this size generates. This single event will cancel out the valiant attempts that many tens of thousands of people have made across the country to reduce their emissions. Furthermore, by allowing an event such as this to proceed unchallenged implicitly sends the message that tackling global warming is not our main priority.

Whilst there will no doubt be a vociferous group who will argue that the Fairford Airshow is essential and beneficial, there will be an equally large group who will be directly inconvenienced by the noise and congestion that the event generates.

As actions speak louder than words, I am sure that you will see the benefit of opposing further repeats of this most environmentally damaging event. I would urge you to use your position to protest against this event. If you are unprepared to challenge its future, then could you explain how you justify the environmental damage of an event such as this within your constituency?

Kevin Lister

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