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Friday, June 29, 2007

Response from Councillor Duncan Smith on Staverton Airport

The response to my E-mail to Councillor Steve Jordan (Lib Dem) from Councillor Duncan Smith (Conservative) follows below. It is truely excellent to see an elected representitive being prepared to show leadership on difficult issues and being prepared to plan for long term interests, rather than short term political gains.


Just to put the record straight, Cllr Jordan is only assuming the mantle of leader of the liberal democrat group and as such is leader of the opposition.

I remain in post as leader of the council.

I too would welcome a clarity in Liberal Democrat thinking on the airport and aviation matters as there seems to be a great deal of conflict and confusion between their local and national policy pronouncements and the support they give locally to the airport.

I have been trying to raise the future of the airport as one that needs a good public airing and sensible debate. So your points are both well made and timely and I hope that they go some way to promoting a positive and constructive debate.

Kind regards


Also see my letter to Glouceser Echo in response to Roger Daniels article.
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