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Sunday, June 05, 2011

Fairford Air Tattoo Weekly Bulletin No. 2

A leader for the rides

We are delighted to announce that Liz Keeble will both be supporting our campaign and leading the cyclists ride to the Air Tattoo. Liz is a 91 years old who fled Idi Amin's regime in Uganda. She has first hand experience of the devastation that the arms industry has caused in Africa.

Liz will clearly be rather slow, and we ask that cyclists are patient and follow behind her.

Local Residents offering support

Local residents have contacted us to offer support. They have expressed their anger at the event and the noise that it inflicts on them year after year. It is so bad that many residents are forced out their homes for the weekend as their young children are too scared by the noise. To demonstrate the Air Tattoo disdain for their local community, they have this year claimed on their leaflets that they will be “the loudest celebration on earth.”

Barclays bank

We have been told that Barclays Bank is selling tickets on behalf of the Air Tattoo. Hardly a surprise that a bank that has made millions by supporting the arms industry and helping BAE Systems complete corrupt arms deals in Africa is actively engaged in promoting the industry.

I intend that we contact Barclays banks in the area that are selling tickets this week and demand that they desist. If they fail to do so – we will take non violent direct action aimed at shutting their branches and highlighting their funding of illegal arms contracts. See the You tube clip where all Natwest Branches in Birmingham were shut following the banking bonus protest.

If people on the circulation list could confirm if their local Barclay's branches are selling tickets and if they want to engage in non violent direct action, then please let me know.

Business rejecting Air Tattoo Leaflets. 

Shiny Goodness, a health food shop in Nailsworth was visited by the Air Tattoo reps and asked if they could distribute leaflets and display fliers. They said no, and instead, are supporting our campaign by collecting sponsors. 

Talks and presentations

I am hoping to do a talk in Bristol with Child Victims of War in the lead up to the Air Tattoo – date and time to be finalised.

If any other groups would like me to present to them our objectives and aims then please contact me.

You Tube Clip

I have prepared a second You Tube clip, which is the Challenge that we want to give the Air Tattoo and the Military Industrial complex that they represent.

Please circulate around your social networks.

Gloucester Shire Wilts and Standard

The Gloucestershire Wilts and Standard have done an excellent article on the Sponsored bike ride – it should be online later today at . A scanned copy is available on the Facebook page.

This weeks Poem

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