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Friday, June 24, 2011

Fairford Air Tattoo Weekly Bulletin No. 5

Dear All,

We have had our police escorted ride around the perimeter base. How things have changed - he was just so helpful and helped us work out all the best places to demonstrate.

Importantly, he has given us the offer of providing us with a police escort on our rides.

The main area of contention remains the leaflets that we have prepared - first draft below. Our police friends are concerned that they may be deemed offensive to visitors and therefore may not be allowed - well on the basis that the Air Tattoo visitors have made the conscious decisions to attend the show, and to be awed by the weapons on display and that the Air Tattoo literature has made no mention of depleted uranium, then we don't really see why we should be censored on an issue of major public interest, just because a few might be offended. The police are reviewing the material with their lawyers.

Draft copies of leaflets and please feel free to suggest any changes:

Originals at this address:

Great debate ongoing at direct action station, where Kate Holcombe has exposed the totally corrupt way that the Air Tattoo is granted its charitable status.

Also there will be a talk on the 6th July in Bristol on the theme of how we stop the rich waging war on the poor.

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