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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Even more emails from Phil Taylor

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Dear Phillip,

Thank you again for replying to my emails and maintaining this important debate.

I am extremely grateful that you have pointed out who has the cabinet role on the environement and who the leader of the council is. Both are noticable in this debate only by their silence and it is extremely concerning that they are not prepared to come forward on a critical issue such as this. This is in contrast to Cheltenham. Despite the frankness of our recent exchanges and disagreements, I deeply respect you for engaging in the debate and trust that others on the council will have the courage to come forward and engage likewise, either for or against the airport.

I understand that your responsbility is to the citizens of Barnwood and that you are in opposition on the council, however as a member of the opposition, you have the obligation to oppose those policies that are short term and damaging in the long run. As regards you not having an obligation to act on my behalf, I also understand this. However as a representitive of the people of Barnwood, you have a duty to ensure that by representing the desires of your group, it does not cause damage and suffering to others. As one of "the others" who will be disadvantaged, I will target people who support environmentally damaging policies.

You may have caught the article on Radio 4 PM last night, where it was reported that we are on course for a 3 deg C temperature rise. This is absolutely catostrophic and well outside the range that our civilisation can withstand. Even worse, it is in the range were we can see run away global warming occur, which will lead to the extinction of most, if not all, life on earth.

As regards your question on "what did I make of the comments written by a local resident," if you could clarify exactly whose comments you are referring to, I will comment furher.


Phillip Taylor wrote:

Dear Mr Lister,

Thank you. As a matter of interest, what did you make of the comments written by a local resident? It is opinions such as his that also have to be considered by elected members. I should point out to you that I was elected by the residents of Barnwood Ward to represent them on the Gloucester City Council. I have no duty as a member of the council to represent the views of those outside Barnwood Ward, let alone outside the city; they have chosen their own representatives. You will realise, therefore, that I have no obligation to act on your behalf. As a member of the opposition group I don't have decision-making power. On environmental issues you would be better off trying to gain the attention and interest of the Conservatives who lead the council. Cllr Andy Lewis has the Cabinet role on environment and Cllr Paul James is the Council's leader. This is not 'buck-passing', merely the reality of the position in GCC.

It seems to me that we have a common wish, which is to see greenhouse gas emissions reduced rapidly to tolerable levels. Neither of us, in fact, believes that there is a realistic alternative. Where we appear to differ is on the appropriate way to approach this problem. The important thing is to succeed in the overall aim. You do it your way and I will do it in my way.

I will continue to press the Conservatives to play their part in taking effective action in the reduction of the city's carbon footprint, because I recognise the vital requirement to do so. What I believe is necessary is for the reduction to be delivered through wide ranging measures that cover all the major sources of greenhouse gas emissions. The urgency of this requirement is not lost on me. However, if you wish to achieve your unequivocal aim in relation to Gloucestershire Airport, you must find a way to persuade those who have control within the various councils involved.

Yours Sincerely,

Phil Taylor
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