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Friday, September 21, 2007

Letter to Prince Charles

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Dear Prince Charles,

As you may be aware a runway extension is proposed at Staverton Airport. This is causing considerable controversy due to its global warming implications, especially at a time when it is becoming so apparent that we stand on the brink of runaway global warming.

You have been bought into the debate by the supporters of the airport and through your visit to the airport during the flooding. A copy of the letter in today’s Gloucestershire Echo referencing your visit is attached. Other letters have been submitted to the Echo from the airport’s management referencing the importance of being able to support your visit during the crisis.

Given your concerns about global warming, I would imagine that you would be horrified to have your name being used in support of the airports expansion plans.

You should be aware that in order for the airport to justify their proposals, they issued a report that attempted to discredit the entire science of global warming and also stated that only a small and vociferous minority opposed the expansion. This is absolutely reprehensible behaviour and a total abuse of privilege.

Those of us that are concerned about global warming would welcome a clear statement from you on the environmental implications of the airports expansion proposals.

Furthermore, those of us who are concerned will be holding a mini-climate camp on the weekend of the 20/21st October. We extend an invite to yourself and we would be privileged to have you attendance at the debates and discussions we are planning on the Saturday. Your support to a well-versed audience that recognises action on global warming rather than talk is what is needed will send one of the most important messages in the campaign to save our planet, and may be a turning point in the minds of many.

I enclose a copy of the flier for the camp.

This letter will be copied on my blog, see
Kevin Lister

Text of letter in Gloucestershire Echo

Madam - You criticised Gloucestershire Airport (Echo, September 11) for saying that claims that climate change was down to human intervention had been proven wrong.

I must point out more positive points. During the floods the airport staff did a fantastic job of keeping the airport open to allow the rescue helicopters round-the-clock cover.

They looked after the people who were rescued, until more permanent solutions were found.The airport also provided about 25 acres of runway and grass ground for Severn Trent Water to store the huge amount of equipment that was needed to service the rest of us with water.

Prince Charles has recognised and thanked the airport staff for their contribution.When the floods receded and it was apparent that farmers close to the Severn had lost large amounts of hay and silage, the airport suggested that the grass should be preserved for the flood victims.

They donated this grass and farmers have some hope of surviving the winter for which they are grateful. Thanks must be given to Derek Pither Agriculture, a local contracting business, which did the silaging work at cost.

Ben Pullen,FD Pullen & Sons.
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