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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Your invite to "Camp Hope"

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Following the statements made by the Staverton Airport in their misconceptions document were they said there was no such thing as global warming, and went on to say “we all know, it is only a small minority that are opposed to the development," those of us that are concerned about the development have agreed to show that we are not a small minority. We have now started organising a mini weekend climate camp near the airport during October to coincide with the planning reviews that Tewksbury County Council will be undertaking.

We have located land for this near the airport. We will advise our proposed date shortly and later we will advise the location shortly before the camp.

In common with the Heathrow climate camp we will have workshops and discussions on the Saturday with peaceful protests against the Airport on Sunday.

Climate change is the most overwhelming crisis that will affect our planet. It is vital that we act at all levels and challenge those people and organisations who are prepared to dismiss and ridicule the science. It has never been more important to maintain hope; hence we are naming our camp, “Camp Hope.”

We invite you to come to our camp, to join the debates and we would appreciate your contribution.

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