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Monday, July 18, 2011

Fun and games at the Fairford Air Tattoo

Some interesting statistics and facts for our protest (just like the Air Shows who like to boast their interesting stats)

  • Over 50 people involved in the protest, on the front line and in support. 
  • Hundreds of pounds raised for charity. 
  • Not one single arrest made by the police, not even for the A-10 pilots who violated the Geneva Convention by firing depleted uranium in Iraq and Afghanistan.

What would the great Beethoven make of our collective stupidity??

Protesters offer free T-shirts to the visitors of the Fairford Air Tattoo
Protesters trying to get into the Fairford Air Tattoo

Censorship at the Air Show

Protesters get excellent logistical support from the Police

Trying to ask how the arms deals will protect us from climate change

The joys of A-symmetrical warfare on a bike

Its not all hard work fighting the military industrial complex - our lovely Nicki doing far better than the dolly birds straddling the missiles on sale inside the Air Tattoo

Leafleting and Megaphoning at the Air Tattoo

Final Thoughts

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