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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Response from David Drew MP on global warming

see letter from David Drew at:

Dear David,

Many thanks for taking the time to respond so positively to my points and for the careful consideration that you have obviously given them.

I am delighted that you have expressed your opposition to the opening of the fifth terminal and the construction of third runway at Heathrow to John McDonnell MP and your opposition to the developments at Staverton Airport. It would also add alot of weight to the argument against the Staverton Airport development if you could also support this by writing to the Tweksbury Borough Councillors.

I am equally delighted that you have taken forward my proposals for incorporation of environmental health warnings on the airline adverts. I will rely on your expertise of parliamentary procedures and committees to determine the best method to manage this and get this implemented.

You have said in your letter that "The Government is currently accepting submissions for a consultation on its Climate Change Bill White Paper. This is the route through which I plan to advance your proposition for the labelling of airplane tickets. I would encourage you to participate in, and advanced your concerns through this process as well." I would appreciate if you could let me know the process for linking into the development of this paper.

I would also like to thank you for raising the question of iron seeding of the ocean. I note that Ian Pearson has said "The Department’s key priority remains finding ways to reduce carbon dioxide emissions to a level that will prevent dangerous climate change." Given the stark conclusions of the IPCC report, the only safe level of CO2 that can now be considered to prevent dangerous climate change is zero. Further, given the government's announcement that CO2 emissions have risen by 1.2% over the last year, the chance of relying on any worthwhile emission cuts in the near future is increasing unlikely. I accept the point that we do not own the ocean, but this is conveniently overlooked when it comes to polluting it. Our actions are causing acidification of the oceans globally on an increasingly accelerating rate and this threatens to instigate one of the biggest triggers in causing a runaway global warming effect. The costs of doing something now will be insignificant against the cost of doing nothing. I accept that there is more research to do in this area and would appreciate any further pressure you can bring to instigating research on this topic.

You have said in your letter "Coming on the back of our year-long study of Climate Change: the Citizens’ Agenda, I feel that debate on this bill will accord stakeholders an unparallelled opportunity to influence the government’s position on and response to global warming. I look forward look forward to collaborating with interested parties in the Stroud area on a response to the Government’s propositions and would be happy to keep you updated on committee debates as they develop." and " DEFRA is currently holding a consultation on its Marine Bill White Paper. As it is far easier to amend legislative proposals before they become law, I would recommend that you make your views known through a submission to this consultation and I am happy to help you do this." As well as getting the opportunity to input into these debates, I would also like to get the students of Cirencester College involved and will raise this with Nigel Robbins. I would there appreciate if you could give information and timetables for getting involved, as well as with the Climate Change White Paper Bill.

Kevin Lister

"DREW, David" wrote:

Dear Kevin

I am sorry for the delay in getting back to you on the 9 points. However as you can see from the accompanying attachment it is very much work in progress. Please keep in touch and let me have anything you want included as part of the Defra Select Committee enquiry into the Draft
Climate Change Bill.

Yours sincerely
David Drew

Airline Indusrty adverts and latest letter from David Drew

Following the post below on my meeting with David Drew and the adverts from Easy Jet and Ryan Air I prepared a briefing paper for David to support a private members bill for compulsary environmental impact warnings on airline adverts, in the same way as health warnings are compulsary on tobacco. See the link below.