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Monday, March 02, 2009

Getting Ready for the Fairford Air Tattoo

Why we hate the Fairford Air Tattoo

We hate the way that you make killing fun and that you give our kids free entry to the event while we are trying to teach them about global respsonsibility.

We hate the way that you glorfy competition between nations when the planet's survival depends on nations cooperating.

We hate the way that you claim to represent the people who defend our security but ridicule the science of climate change.

We hate the way that you are an advert for the aviation industry, yet you pretend to be a charity.

We hate the way that the companies at your airshow will be the same ones that can only respond to climate change with million pound marketing budgets to peddle greenwash lies and laugh at those of us that care about climate change.

We hate the way that we are paying for incompetent bankers and also paying for new planes for climate criminals, while our schools and hospitals are forced to make cut backs and our taxes rise and rise.

We hate the way that the BBC and ITV give your show wall to wall free advertising, but never give it any criticism, just because you can wine and dine the reporters.

We hate the way that you play to the stupid and self interested minority in our society who are easily fooled by your loud planes, big bangs, expensive toys and promise of instant gratification, and then you tell us that this is what people want.

We hate the way that your industry buys off the government that fobs us off.

We hate to see our police force being used as a private army in defence of your industry's destruction of our planet.

We hate the way that your industry patronises us with talk about being environmentally friendly by using biofuels, and then starves to death the billions who can not compete.

We hate to see the oil that you need for your toys washed up on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico. We hate to see the destruction of the Candian forests as the oil indstury scrapes the bottom of the barrel to satisfy your insatiable thirst for fuel.

We hate your childish boasts about being the worlds biggest airshow, when everyone else is cutting back.

We hate to hear the queen lecturing us about climate change, and then seeing you arranging a 200 plane fly past for her.

We hate to see the business that you do with those terror regimes around the world.

We hate being forcibly reminded of our hatred for you by having your planes flying over us, and having no right of complaint about the noise.

We will be at your show to say "Screw you" to you that is screwing us.

We leave you with Bob Dylan's Master of War and recent art work.