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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Job Application and ensuing row

"Councillor Andrew McKinlay"

Dear Andrew

Further to our email correspondance, I write to apologise to you for the childish sarcasm.

A bit of humour to illustrate such a serious issue as climate change is clearly not appropriate to you.

If you want to understand how serious people are now taking climate change, then read here:

Maura Harrington planned to end her hunger either by death or the stopping of Shell's proposed new pipe line, so concerned is she by climate change.

Can you confirm that hunger strikes rather than childish sarcasm would be a better method of pursuading councillors of the folly of allowing Staverton Airport to expand?

Could I also suggest that you go and read some books.

Kevin Lister


Dear Mr Lister,

I fear there is little else to say. I am saddened to hear that you intend to continue making a fool of yourself in this way.

Can I ask that you delete me from your mailing list?

Cllr Andrew McKinlay

Dear Andrew,

Maybe a childish bit of sarcasm. However, that is a lot less damning than expecting the tax payer to back a multi million pound investment at the start of an economic collapse.

It is also a lot less damaging than the CO2 emissions that will come from the additional flights from the airport, especially at a time when we are staring down the barrel of the fully loaded climate change gun. Supporting this airport is an insult to those of us that are doing everything that we can to minimise our emissions.

In case you have not noticed, the airport has publicly tried to claim that they are not expanding. However the job advert confirms that they are.

Maybe you might want to clarify exactly were you stand on the airport and how you reconcile yourself with their lies.

And finally, we will not stop until the airport expansion proposals are finally off the table.



email from: "Councillor Andrew McKinlay"

Dear Mr Lister,

I'm not sure who you are trying to impress by doing this.

Can I take this opportunity to make it clear that I am not impressed by this pathetic stunt.

Clearly not content with giving us your ill researched
views on the impact of air travel in Gloucestershire, you have now decided to treat us all to a taste of your childish sarcasm.

Please stop!

Cllr Andrew McKinlay


Dear Rob Dobney,

I enclose my details for the position that you have been advertising:

Aerodrome, Approach and Approach Radar Controller

I would be delighted to join a company which has such positive expansion proposals, and is clearly totally immune to the world wide credit crunch and recession. As your advert points out , you have a “rapidly expanding market offering point-to-point, niche services, which are a cost effective, viable alternative to scheduled services from major airports saving that most precious of business commodities, time.” It would be a great privilege to serve those members of the public that are able to afford the luxury of private jets and who are not bothered with the minor inconvenience of their climate change impact.

I am also delighted that your advert mentions “Significant operational developments

are also planned, including removing obstacles from the runway ends and installing ILS, further enhancing commercial capabilities.” It would indeed be an exciting career move to be part of this development. As your organisation is owned by Gloucester and Cheltenham Councils, it would be great to know that I am helping to use to the tax payers money to subsidise holidays and private jet operations.

Please let me know when the interviews are being held. I look forward to attending.

I am reasonably well know to the airport management and therefore, should not have to bother providing references. However, if necessary, they can be provided.


Kevin Lister

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Comments on minutes from Andrew Slight

Dear Kevin

Thank you for your summary of our conversation on the 26th August.

From my perspective, the points that we agreed were:

* That climate change is a massive issue that requires urgent action.
* That you (on behalf of Biofuelswatch) would send us your response to the Gallagher Review to help inform our thinking, particularly on your claim that it does not take into account the impact on the biosphere.

* That Tesco will continue to engage with the debate and the science and that this is still not fully settled.

On the basis of the above, I look forward to the scientific views that you provide us with in due course.

Kind regards,