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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Please Tesco, give me a proper answer and not greenwash

You can join the debate by emailing and forwarding the presentation to all your concerned friends in your address book.

Dear Gary,

Further to my emails I still have not received any response from yourself or anyone else in Tescos.

In your first email to me your said:

"Scientific analysis has shown that both palm oil and soy from hot climates can lead to much greater CO2 reductions" - Please provide reference to the appropriate analysis so I can validate your claim.

"Greenergy asks suppliers to sign a sustainability commitment as part of their contract. This is monitored and can be audited at any time." Please provide us with copies of these sustainability commitments and the organisations that have audited against these criteria.

I also asked for your comment on the reports from Oxfam and others on the human rights abuses associated with the race for biofuels.

In the previous email to Helen Duke, I asked for a copy of the environmental impact assessment that Tescos would have made on the use of rape seed for biofuel, and quantity of biofuel sold at your pumps. Again I have had no further correspondence.

This weekend I protested outside my local Tesco in Stroud. Many of the people that we spoke to are already concerned and sickened by what is happening to our rain forests in the pursuit of biofuel. So, the bulk of your own customers do not swallow your position of biofuels being a carbon friendly solution to our problems. By continuing your public position, I would argue that you are patronising and alienating your clientele.

So you understand why this is such an issue, I enclose a copy of a NASA photo taken in September 2007 of the fires in the Amazon. So severe where the fires, and so bad have the droughts become due to deforestation, the Amazon now stands on the point of total collapse, and we came to within a hairs breadth last year this predicted total collapse.

I look forward to your reply,

A copy of this email will be posted on by blog

Kevin Lister

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